Provider Network Department Contacts:



Provider Helpdesk 1-877-398-4145
ProviderCONNECT Portal Login Help
ProviderCONNECT Portal General Questions
Provider Maintenance 1-704-842-6483
Provider Enrollment 1-828-323-8031
Provider Network Development/Network Adequacy 1-336-527-3256
Provider Disputes 1-877-398-4145
Hospital Account Specialists 1-704-772-4328
Danielle Clark, Provider Network Enrollment & Maintenance Manager 1-828-325-8158
Sherry Reece-Cota, Provider Network Engagement Manager 1-980-223-4476
Jamie Sales, Provider Network Development Manager 1-704-691-8601
Beth Brown, Provider Network Relationship Director 1-704-689-5977
Natalie Mooneyham, Provider Network Director of Operations 1-828-323-8048
Beth Lackey, Senior Director, Provider Network 1-828-323-8058
Jaleesa Cole, MMFT, Provider Network Manager, Physical Health Liaison 1-980-421-6221
Faith Perry-Manley, Provider Medicaid Contracts Manager 1-980-421-3611

For Information About

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Information Technology Technical Assistance—Obtaining a login, using ZixMail Partners Service Desk:
Call 1-704-842-6431, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Appealing a Service Decision Partners Appeals Unit:
Call 1-704-884-2650
Claims – Claim Inquiries Partners Claims Department:
Call 1704-842-6486
Consumer/Member Enrollment Email
Call 1-877-864-1454, option 1
Contact Partners’ Care Management Departments Call 1-877-864-1454, option 5 for the Staff Directory
Refer to the Mental Health/Substance Abuse Contact Info
Concerns, Complaints, Grievances Call 1-877-864-1454, option 4
Refer to the webpage
Submit your concern or grievance/complaint online
Consumer & Family Advisory Committee & Human Rights Committee Call 1-877-864-1454, option 0
Visit the Consumer & Family Advisory Committee webpage or the Human Rights Committee webpage
Facilities (for properties leased from Partners only) Email
Call 1-877-864-1454, option 0
Find your Provider Specialist Provider Network Management Department:
Call 1-877-864-1454, option 2
Information for Hospitals providing Inpatient Services Partners Hospital Inpatient Review Unit:
Call 1-704-842-6434
Visit the Hospital Information webpage
Housing Services Call 1-877-864-1454, option 0
Refer to the webpage
Incident Reporting Call 1-877-864-1454, option 0
Refer to the webpage
Letter(s) of Support from Partners Call 1-877-864-1454, option 4, option 1
Refer to the webpage
Medical Records or HIPAA Compliance Health Information Management:
Call 1-877-864-1454, option 0
NC TOPPS Assistance and Questions Call 1-704-884-2560
Provider Credentialing and Enrollment Call 1-704-842-6483
Visit the webpage
Provider Contracts Call 1-336-527-3295
Provider Disputes Call 1-877-398-4145
Partners Training Resource and Collaborative—Training for Providers Email
Visit the Provider Training contact webpage
Use the Partners Calendar for events and scheduling
Report Fraud, unethical billing, noncompliance or reach a member of the Program Integrity Department Visit to report fraud, waste or abuse
System of Care – Care Reviews, Community Collaboratives, Reclaiming Futures Call 1-877-864-1454
Utilization Management Call 1-877-864-1454, option 5, option 5

Refer to the Utilization Management webpage

Updated: July 12, 2024