The Contracts Unit handles all contracts with providers within the Partners’ Provider Network. Detailed information regarding various processes involving the departments is located in the Partners Provider Operations Manual.

Network Providers are required to have a fully executed contract with Partners. The contract is divided into two sections: a procurement contract and a set of general conditions. Each contract outlines details for the provider, including approved services providers may deliver to and bill for individuals enrolled with Partners. Partners’ contracts may be executed on a multi-year or an annual basis. The procurement contracts are customized to the type of provider and services provided. The general conditions describe requirements according to federal and state regulations, as well as our Medicaid (b)/(c) waiver participation. The Provider Operations Manual is incorporated into the contract by reference.

Out of Network Providers (OON)

Some individuals, with Medicaid that originates in one of Partners’ fourteen counties, live in other parts of the state. Partners is committed to ensuring that Providers are available to meet the needs of these individuals and, to that end, frequently makes arrangements for individual-specific contracts. Specific procedures are followed to determine the need for an individual-specific contract with Providers outside of Partners’ catchment area.

Out of Network Client Specific Agreements and Contracts Policy

Providers wishing to deliver services to a Partners’ consumer via an individual-specific contract should contact Access to Care at 1-888-235-4673.

Electronic Contracts

Partners’ Contracts Unit manages all contracts electronically wherever feasible. Partners uses DocuSign for the electronic contracting process. We encourage provider staff working with contracts to review the documents below.

Contracts Documents and Forms

Sample Contracts

If you have any questions regarding your contract, please contact your account specialist or the Partners’ Contracts Unit at

Updated: February 11, 2024