Issued: March 1, 2024

Partners Utilization Management (UM) is aware providers have experienced difficulty requesting multiple authorizations for the 1915(i) Community Living and Supports (CLS) service codes. To simplify the process, Partners has created an “ALL” code for these authorizations.

What is happening:

Partners has created an “ALL” code for 1915(i) CLS so providers can submit multiple 1915(i) service codes on one authorization. Partners will apply used units to the authorization for T2013TFU4 1915(i) CLS.

What action is Partners taking?

Partners UM is combining 1915(i) CLS authorizations for members already authorized for more than one 1915(i) CLS service code. (For example, T2013TFU4 and T2012U4.) Partners will change these authorizations to the “ALL” code.

What do providers need to do?

Providers should submit new authorizations for any 1915(i) CLS service by requesting the base code T2013TFU4 with Treatment Type “1915(i) CLS.”  Units should be bundled. Providers do not need to submit separate authorizations for other 1915(i) CLS service codes, including T2012U4, T2012GCU4 and T2013TFHQU4.

Providers should review their contracts and confirm the 1915(i) CLS base code T2013TFU4 is in their contract for all sites where any 1915(i) CLS service is provided. Authorizations can only be generated for sites associated with service code T2013TFU4.

Who should providers contact if they have questions?

Providers should email if they have questions.