Want to refer an individual to the Transitions to Community Living Initiative? The process has changed. Learn more.

The State of North Carolina entered into an agreement with the United States Department of Justice in 2012. The purpose was to ensure that persons with mental health issues are able to live in their communities in the least restrictive settings of their choice.

Partners joined with the NC Department of Health and Human Services in implementing the agreement through the Transition to Community Living Initiative (TCLI). The Transition to Community Living Initiative has six primary components:

  • Providing and arranging frequent education efforts and discharge planning for individuals in adult care homes and state psychiatric hospitals
  • Diverting individuals from adult care homes
  • Providing community-based supportive housing with assistance maintaining tenancy
  • Supporting employment for individuals through evidence-based services focused on preparing for, identifying, and maintaining integrated, paid, competitive employment
  • Offering intensive, customized community-based services for people with mental health problems through an evidence-based treatment and support model of services called Assertive Community Treatment
  • Using data to evaluate progress and outcomes

Referral Screening Verification Process (RSVP)

Effective November 1, 2018, the referral process to TCLI changed. The NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) has implemented the Referral Screening Verification Process, or RSVP.  RSVP replaces the current Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) process for adult care homes and provide a more streamlined and effective process to screen Transitions to Community Living Initiative (TCLI) target populations.

Anyone can complete and submit the referral for screening. LME/MCOs or their contracted entities are responsible for completing the screening verification process. The referral will be sent to the LME/MCOs for verification of whether an individual has an SMI or SPMI as well as verification of the individuals Medicaid/financial eligibility in order to determine eligibility for TCLI.

You can refer an individual for TCLI by:

To learn more about RSVP, check out the links below. This information can also be found at https://www.ncdhhs.gov/about/department-initiatives/transitions-community-living-initiative:

If you have questions related to Partners’ Transition to Community Living Initiative, please contact Jeffrey Sanders at jsanders@partnersbhm.org or call 704-772-4281.

Learn more about the Transition to Community Living Initiative here.