Partners’ System of Care Department brings together family members, service providers, community agencies and natural supports (personal relationships occurring in everyday life) in an effort to help the individual and/or family achieve their desired outcome. Collaboration is a key component of System of Care, and ensures individuals and/or families receive services that are appropriate, effective, and based on individual needs.

Historically, the System of Care model has only addressed child mental health needs. Partners Behavioral Health Management has expanded this model to include adults.

System of Care is a nationally recognized framework for organizing and coordinating services and resources. The System of Care model is strength-based, individually and/or family focused and coordinated in a supportive and empowering manner. For more information about the System of Care framework visit

Some of the functions of System of Care include:

Family Partners

One of the ways Partners is changing the relationships between families, agencies, and the community is through our employees that serve as Family Partners.  The Family Partner’s goal is to help everyone work together to assist children in becoming successful at home, in school and in the community.

A Family Partner is a person who:

  • Is a resource to the family
  • Serves as an advocate for the child and his/her family
  • Works in the best interests of the family, but does not take the place of the family
  • Assists the family with paperwork and processes
  • Encourages the family and child to share opinions, wants, and needs
  • Builds a relationship with the family and child that supports openness, empathy, trust, and honesty

To learn more about Family Partners, please contact Tamera Guess, or call 828-323-8092.