In July 2017, DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen, M.D. announced that the contracts between the local management entities/managed care organizations (LME/MCOs) and the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) and Division of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse Services (DMH) would include performance measures that include financial consequences for failing to meet expected performance standards.

The DMH Super Measures were initially released in October 2017. Two measures, noted below, were recently updated by DMH.

The specifications for DMA Super Measures have not been published as of March 13, 2018. The expectation is that DMA and DMH will have different specifications for the same measure. i.e., the codes that are listed to identify follow-up visits may not be consistent between the two.

Once Partners receives the final specifications from DMA, those will be posted on the Value, Innovation and Performance web page.

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