Registration of Interest (ROI) NC Medicaid Community Support Team – Permanent Supportive Housing ROI #1019-001 

Partners Behavioral Health Management (Partners) is initiating a Registration of Interest (ROI) to solicit responses from appropriately qualified in network organizations to determine interest in providing NC Medicaid Community Support Team – Permanent Supportive Housing services for eligible members in Partners catchment. 

This ROI will also be used to identify current Partners’ Network Providers interested in and qualified to provide NC Medicaid Community Support Team – Permanent Supportive Housing services.  Organizations approved to become a CST provider must have capacity to perform the Community Support Team service along with the tenancy supports components.  Depending on the volume of responses, Partners will either select several providers to enroll or will issue a full Request for Proposal.   

RO#1019-001 offers an overview of Partners requirements and links for additional resources. Please review the ROI and if you are interested in being considered for provision of these services with Partners, complete the Response to ROI. 

To be considered for provision of this service, please complete the required documents and submit by October 30, 2019.   

Please contact Lisa Jordan by emailing with any questions.

Issuance of an ROI/RFI/RFP does not guarantee a financial award, nor does it indicate a commitment on the part of the issuer to pursue further contractual relationship. 

1.  Am I correct that an ROI is also required for providers who are already providing CST and contracted with Partners? 1.  Yes, you are correct…an ROI is required for all interested providers (contracted or not).
2.  Also as it pertains to the new 15 hr requirement for PSH (tenancy supports) training, will Partners or DHHS be initially facilitating this training for CST providers? 2.  Partners will be delivering the tenancy supports training. Training dates/locations are TBD and will be communicated as soon as they are confirmed.
3.  Do we have a copy of the Supportive

Housing Assessment Tool?  Has the specific tool been determined?

3.  This tool will be made available at a later date.
4.  What is the question asking, on the Provider Implementation Assessment, regarding current recipient of HUD continuum of care funding? Is this referring to how many years the provider has provided community services to those receiving HUD funding? 4.  This question is referring to the Provider. If they are a member of their local CoC, are they currently an organization that is the recipient of any HUD funding amounts…and if so, how many years have they (as an organization) received that funding.
5.  Are providers expected to submit policies and procedures with the ROI, or will they need to be submitted at a later time? 5.  There is not a requirement to submit the P&P with the ROI; however, it should be noted that this is a state requirement for service delivery and will be monitored at the 6-month mark.
6.  According to the Medicaid website the new CST rate went into effect 10/1/19 – copy of fee schedule attached – will Partners be paying this new rate for DOS 10/1 forward? 6.  No. The higher rate will be paid when the provider implements the new service definition including the housing component. The provider needs to respond to the ROI if they plan to continue to provide CST.
7.  Does this mean that current providers of CST should just continue providing service according to old definition and rate until we choose providers? 7.  Yes, that is correct.

Please contact Lisa Jordan at with any questions.