Providers who employ a relative or legal guardian that lives in the home of an adult (18 years) NC Innovations recipient and who is the direct support staff for that recipient, must comply with the Relative/Legal Guardian as Direct Support Employee (RADSE) process. 

The RADSE process applies only to relatives/legal guardians who live in the home of the NC Innovations adult (age 18 or older) recipients.

NC Innovations services that can be provided by the relative/legal guardian include:

  • Personal Care
  • In-Home Skill Building-Individual
  • In Home-Skill Building-Group
  • In-Home Support
  • Residential Supports

Provider agencies must submit requests, using the appropriate Verification of Relative/Legal Guardian as Direct Support Application State Forms, to Partners’ Quality Management Department for approval.

For requested effective dates or renewal dates November 1, 2016 and later, the following applies:

For requests of 40 hours or less per week:

  • Providers no longer have to receive approval from Partners for these requests, however, providers must report the employment of the Relative/Legal Guardian through the RADSE process.
  • This applies to new hires and existing relatives/legal guardians.
  • You will receive an electronic confirmation by email.

Report each Relative/Legal Guardian by completing the RADSE Reporting Form. Submit the completed form to

For requests of 41 to 56 hours per week:

Complete the new Consolidated RADSE Application.  This form must be completed for new hires and existing relatives/legal guardians requesting 41-56 hours per week. Providers should:

  • Complete the form electronically,
  • Print a hard-copy original.
  • Obtain original signatures.
  • Scan the application and email to

For questions, please contact Larry Holcombe at