What is the Registry of Unmet Needs?

The Registry of Unmet Needs is a registry, or waiting list, for individuals who are in need of NC Innovations Waiver and/or other intellectual and/or developmental disability services and funding. Each Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organization maintains its own Registry of Unmet Needs.

NC Innovations Waiver funding is limited. Partners maintains the Registry to help identify individuals in Burke, Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, Surry and Yadkin counties that could receive NC Innovations Waiver services if additional funding is available. Individuals are guided to other resources while they are waiting for waiver funding.

To learn more about Partners’ Registry of Unmet Needs, please call 1-877-864-1454.

Registry of Unmet Need Referrals for Individuals Receiving State Funded IDD Services

Effective July 1, 2018, providers of intellectual and developmental disabilities State Funded services will be required to refer individuals receiving a State Funded Service to the Registry of Unmet Needs (RUN).  This process is being implemented to ensure that all individuals currently receiving a State Funded service and who are potentially eligible for the Innovations Waiver are on the RUN and waiting for an Innovations slot to become available.  This referral will be a prerequisite for obtaining an initial or continuing authorization of a State Funded service after July 1, 2018. As a reminder, State Funding is not GUARANTEED.

Request for Referral

If a provider agency is currently serving an individual using state funds, the provider agency will be required to submit the IDD State-Funded Service- Registry of Unmet Needs Referral Form to the Partners iddwaitlist@partnersbhm.org for a referral to the RUN. This process will result in the individual being referred to the Registry of Unmet Needs for the potential eligibility of the Innovations Waiver.

Referrals to the Registry Process

  • Providers will contact Partners Behavioral Health Management using the IDD State-Funded Service- Registry of Unmet Needs Referral Form and complete the form in its entirety.
  • Providers will email the completed form to the Registry and Referral Department at iddwaitlist@partnersbhm.org. In the subject line, please enter the word “Receiving State Funds”. An email notification of receipt of referral form will be sent to the referral agency.
  • Providers will need to include the Receipt of Referral email when uploading documentation in AlphaMCS to support the Service Authorization Request (SAR).
  • A Registry and Referral Specialist will contact the Individual or Legally Responsible Person to begin the referral process.  The RUN referral date/time will be managed in order of the receipt of the IDD State-Funded Service- Registry of Unmet Needs Referral Form.
  • A Registry and Referral Specialist will contact the Individual and/or LRP and Referral agency, annually to update information and confirm continued interest in remaining on the Registry of Unmet Needs (RUN).

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact the Registry and Referral Team at iddwaitlist@partnersbhm.org.