Issued:  February 22, 2018

Rapid Response Stabilization Services Referrals

Effective Thursday, March 1, 2018, all referrals for Rapid Response Stabilization Services will be managed through Partners’ Access to Care Department.

Rapid Response Stabilization is a crisis response and stabilization service that is treatment focused and intended to support family stability, prevent abuse and neglect, be of short term duration, return children to the home and prevent or minimize the need for out-of-home placements.

Referrals for this service will be screened by Access to Care for referral to the most appropriate service. If you have a referral for a rapid response bed please call Access to Care at 1-888-235-HOPE (4673). 

Third Party Liability/Medicare Bypass Codes

Beginning with claims dated March 1, 2018 and forward, H0035 (Partial Hospitalization) will no longer be included on the Third Party Liability/Medicare Bypass Codes. If you have questions regarding this, please email