The Quality Management Department oversees quality assurance and improvement activities throughout Partners and its Provider Network. We are responsible for developing a Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance (QI/QA) Program to ensure that Partners meets its regulatory and contractual responsibilities through:

  • Continuous and systematic measurement
  • Improvement of program systems and processes

Our goal is to systematically use performance information and data to drive improved consumer outcomes, training, and support. 

Some of the ways we achieve this goal are by:

  • Offering oversight and training for the North Carolina Treatment Outcomes and Program Performance Systems (NC-TOPPS) for the Partners’ catchment area
  • Coordinating, facilitating, evaluating, and reporting of various consumer and provider satisfaction surveys, such as the Perception of Care Survey and the Provider Satisfaction Survey
  • Key performance indicator reporting and evaluation
  • Internal auditing of Partners’ departments
  • Facilitating the provider-led Global Continuous Quality Improvement Committee
  • Facilitating various mandated external reviews, including but not limited to national accreditation, State and Medicaid contractual compliance reviews and External Quality Reviews (EQR)
  • Monitoring and internal reporting of the Department of Health and Safety Regulation (DHSR) findings
  • Monitoring and reporting of a provider’s failure to provide Innovations Waiver back-up staffing

To learn more about Quality Management, please call 1-877-864-1454 and ask to speak to a member of the Quality Management Department.

Global Continuous Quality Improvement Committee

Global CQI is independently composed and led by providers, CFAC members and stakeholder members with Partners acting as a host and liaison. The purpose of this committee is to promote improvements and processes within provider agencies that lead to greater consumer satisfaction. Some of the topics discussed are services, provider choice and best practice models of treatment available in the Partners’ catchment area. Aggregate trends of network performance are also reviewed and addressed in this committee.

If you are interested in learning more about the Global CQI, please contact Tamikka Woods at or call 704-884-2568

A meeting schedule is available on the calendar.