Issued:  March 16, 2020

Follow up to March 16, 2020 Provider Teleconference #1

Thank you to all providers who were able to participate in Partners’ Provider Teleconference this morning.

As noted in the call, your feedback is important to us and we will share your questions with the Division of Health Benefits and Division of Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse Services. Providers should send questions and communications to Partners through Provider Account Specialists and the mechanisms with which you already communicate with us, or email

Please remember to check our dedicated COVID-19 Information for Providers webpage frequently for the latest updates.

The following information was addressed during the call:

  • Partners has mobilized its Incident Response Protocol to address immediate needs of employees, members, providers and community.
  • Partners is in direct and frequent communication with NC DHHS, as information is rapidly changing.
  • Please continue to communicate with Partners as we navigate these unchartered times together through Provider Account Specialists and the mechanisms with which you already communicate with us.
  • Partners has created a dedicated page on our website to post information for providers regularly and ask that providers frequently check this information. Please link to
  • Partners is communicating with providers through normal communication channels, as well: Provider Alerts and Provider Bulletin, Provider Specialists, social media and updates in AlphaMCS and Provider Council.
  • We are assessing upcoming meetings and trainings and will be sending additional information on either cancellations or changes in dates. We are also looking at methods by which we can deliver trainings via webinar.
  • We have cancelled the provider open house scheduled for the first week of April. We are working with the provider council regarding the meeting scheduled for March 27, 2020. There is already a call-in option for that meeting.
  • Partners is working closely with NC DHHS to ensure clarifications on flexibilities granted regarding service provision; this includes Innovations requirements, telephonic codes available and additional guidance regarding how to ensure that the needs of our most vulnerable populations are addressed.
  • Partners is working to ensure that we are loading codes into AlphaMCS and provider contracts based on the March 12, 2020 webcast. Partners will load the codes. Providers do not need to send us anything for codes to be loaded.
  • The information regarding these codes are published in the Policy Guidance from the Division effective March 13 2020
  • NC DHHS has a page specifically dedicated to updating information on COVID 19; and a call center set up for information purposes as well:
  • For those providers who operate residential settings, Partners is asking that you review the information on the following page: which provides guidance for not only long term care settings, and guidance for adult care homes, congregate care and family care home settings
  • We will continue to work with DHHS as we work together to communicate policy changes and flexibility during this time.

Temporary Service Disruption Form

Providers who experience temporary changes to service delivery need to complete the Temporary Service Disruption Form and email it to

Communication to State and Local CFACs, MH/DD/SAS Commission Members, Brain Injury Advisory Council, BH/IDD Provider Partners, LME/MCOs from Kody Kinsley

Click here to read a communication sent on March 16, 2020 to parties listed above from Kody Kinsley, NC DHHS Deputy Secretary for Behavioral Health and I/DD.