Partners is required to credential and re-credential all providers who participate in our Provider Network including, but not limited to Licensed Practitioners, Licensed Independent Practitioners, agencies (including group practices and licensed facilities such as Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities.)  For specific information about credentialing, please review the Provider Operations Manual.

All credentialing requests should be initiated by submitting the appropriate form as indicated below. Instructions for submission are included on each of the forms.

Please Note:
All credentialing notices are sent to the primary credentialing contact identified by the applicant. If this or any other information is incorrect, your application could be delayed or denied. In addition, clinicians need to keep their CAQH applications up-to-date with accurate information. Partners relies on this information to be used to contact clinicians as needed for updates to credentialing status.

Provider agencies, clinicians, and licensed independent practitioners can keep track of credentialing expiration dates via the reports below:

Network providers bear the responsibility for keeping track of their credentialing expiration date(s).  Agencies and Licensed Independent Practitioners (LIPs) and associated clinicians must maintain credentials to participate in Partners’ Provider Network. Therefore, providers who do not submit a complete Re-Credentialing Application before their credentialing expiration date must stop billing for both IPRS and Medicaid-reimbursable services. Continuing to bill for services after the credentialing expiration date may result in loss of revenue, recoupment, and/or contract suspension. In order to track the credentialing expiration dates of associated clinicians, Partners recommends that Network Providers use an internal auditing process.

Notice to Clinicians/Practitioners Who Bill Services:
The approval of credentials is only one requirement for network membership. A credentialed clinician/practitioner must have an executed independent contract OR be employed by a Network Provider to be a member of Partners Provider Network AND be eligible to bill for services.

Requesting Letters of Support
Providers who require a letter of support from us in order to obtain a license from the Division of Health Service Regulation (DHSR) for a site located 
in one of Partners’ nine counties should email PAS@partnersbhm.orgThe email needs to include the following information in order to issue a letter of support: 

  • Physical address of the facility you are attempting to license; 
  • Service (s) you intend to provide at this site; 
  • Population you intend to serve at this site (i.e. age, disability group, gender and any specialty population you intend to serve); 
  • Name and email address you would like the letter returned to. 
  • Agency affiliation name and address. 

Questions about this process should be sent to or you may call us at 877-864-1454; dial 4 for provider network, and 1 for Account Specialists.  

For questions please contact Partners’ Credentialing Team at or call 704-842-6483.

I am a: I want to: I should:
Out-of-Network Provider Agency Join the Partners Network Frequently check the Request for Services page for network expansion opportunities.

Submit the Request for Consideration Form

In-Network Provider Agency Request initial credentialing of licensed practitioners employed by an in-network agency Submit the:


  • Ensure that the licensed clinician you are adding to your contract with Partners has completed the CAQH application and given Partners permission to access their application
In-Network Provider Agency Request a new site or service Complete the Partners’ Provider Change Form
Request updates or changes, including adding or removing a licensed practitioner currently credentialed with Partners

Release only required for changes of ownership/management.

Complete the Provider Change Form

and when applicable, the Release and Consent for Background Form.

In-Network Licensed Independent Practitioner Request a new site or service; update or changes Complete the Partners’ Provider Change Form
Out of Network Hospital Contact Partners for a full contract at Visit the Hospitals Working with Partners page
In-Network Hospital Register additional licensed practitioners with Partners Visit the Hospitals Working with Partners page
Out of Network Crisis Providers Request reimbursement for crisis services Complete the Crisis Service Reimbursement Form