The Partners Provider Council is a professional representative and advocate for all service providers in the Partners’ catchment area. The Council facilitates an open exchange of ideas and brings forward concerns and solutions while promoting collaboration and mutual accountability among providers.

Provider Council Officers:

Teagan Brown, Chair, A Caring Alternative, LLC
Vickie Smith, Vice Chair, Infinite Beginnings, LLC
Kimberly Mitchell, Secretary, Boundless Miracles

All providers are welcome to attend Provider Council meetings.

The Partners Provider Council meets on the fourth Friday of each month. Providers meet beginning at 9:30 a.m.; Partners staff joins at 10:30 a.m. Registration details are available on the Partners’ event calendar.

The purpose of the Provider Council is to:

  1. Review, provide input and make recommendations to Partners related to policies, procedures, forms, activities, guidelines and other system operations and functions as identified by the Council and/or Partners.
  2. Make recommendations about network funding priorities and financial strategies to sustain a quality provider network.
  3. Review trends, make recommendations and disseminate information related to provider access, utilization and performance measures.
  4. Review and make recommendations for provider quality and outcome indicators and Partners use of network quality management data.
  5. Undertake other tasks as deemed appropriate by the Council to promote and support service providers.

Council Membership:

The Council strives to have agency membership that constitutes an equitable representation of the network consumers served. Whenever possible, the membership is represented by a minimum of:

  • 25% of the member agencies serving mental health consumers
  • 25% of the member agencies serving intellectual/developmental disability consumers and
  • 25% of the member agencies serving substance abuse consumers
  • one Hospital member agency

Partners Provider Council Guidelines