Issued: February 14, 2023

PartnersACCESS Call Center Updates

Partners is excited to announce new enhancements to our PartnersACCESS Call Center. This includes:

  • An Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) with prompts to easily reach departments and topics at the touch of a button.
  • Selections offered in English or Spanish.
  • A new menu with options for Providers who call the Provider Line: 1-877-398-4145.
  • Partners Provider Line is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

Providers who call the PartnersACCESS Call Center at 1-888-235-4673 (HOPE), can select Option 3 and then Option 4 to be transferred to the Provider Line.

Options available to Providers on the Provider Line:

Option 1 Partners Helpdesk IT
Option 2 Partners Contract/Credentialing
Option 3 Partners Claims
Option 4 Partners UM Submenu
Option 1 UM -IDD/TBI
Option 2 UM- MH/SA
Option 3 UM Acute Careline
Option 4 UM Physical Health TBD
Option 5 Vendors IVR Provider Line Submenu
Option 1 Transportation Provider number
Coming 3/2/2023 Pharmacy Provider line
Coming 4/1/2023 Vision line Provider line
Coming 4/1/2023 Radiology Provider line

Our new enhancements also provide some special options for members or families who call the PartnersACCESS Line at 1-888-235-4673 (HOPE). These include:

  • A new toll-free Behavioral Health Crisis Line that is answered live 24/7/365: 1-833-353-2093. Callers to the PartnersACCESS Line, 1-888-235-4673 (HOPE), will hear a recorded message directing them to select the Behavioral Health Crisis Line if needed. They will also be directed to call 911 if they are experiencing a medical emergency.
  • An option, beginning Feb. 22, to schedule non-emergency medical transportation for rides on or after April 1, 2023.

Options Available to Callers at 1-888-235-4673 (HOPE)

 Option  1  IVR Member Line Vendor Submenu
Option 1

Can schedule rides beginning 2/22/2023

Coming 3/2/2022 Pharmacy
Coming 3/2/3023 Nurse Advice Line
Option 2 – Care Management Care Management Submenu
Live 2/15/2023
Option 1 Partners Care Management Housing
Option 2 Partners Care Management Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury
Option 3 Partners Care Management Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
Option 3 – Member Services **Member Services Submenu
Live 2/15/2023
Option 1 Partners Housing
Option 2 Member and Recipient Services Line
Option 4 Moves caller to the Provider Line

*Note: Members can schedule rides beginning Feb. 22. Until that time, callers will hear a voice message from our transportation service line vendor, ModivCare, notifying them they can call on Feb. 22 to schedule trips for April 1 and after. Callers will be directed to call their plan’s Member Services for further questions.

**Note: Member Services is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday.