Issued: September 2, 2022

Partners Health Management is reinstituting backup staffing reports. In July, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) announced in Joint Communication Bulletin #427 that it would require NC Innovations Backup Staffing Reporting effective Aug. 16, 2022. This requirement had been on hold since the beginning of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

What is happening?

Partners is restarting the requirement for backup staffing reports and changing the way the reports are submitted by providers and employers of record (EOR). Alpha+ will no longer be used to submit the reports. Instead, providers/EORs will submit the reports by completing the forms found on the Partners’ website.

  • The Failure to Provide Backup Staffing Report: This is the same process as the reporting previously done in Alpha+; the form has been updated to make the process more efficient. Updated forms may be found at the following links:

EORs: (



  • Attestation of No Backup Staffing Incidents: Providers/EORs will complete this new form if there have been no backup staffing incidents during a reporting period. This will allow Partners to collect more complete and accurate data. Partners will use this data to provide trend reports to assist providers/EORs if needed. Forms may be found at the following links:





When is this happening?

This is effective immediately for incidents occurring on or after Aug. 16.

How is this change impacting providers/EORs?

Partners expects this change to simplify the process for submitting backup staffing reports. Providers/EORs will be able to access the forms directly from the Partners’ website rather than logging into Alpha+.

What do providers/EORs need to do?

Providers/EORs should begin using the new online forms to provide backup staffing incidents that occurred on or after Aug. 16.