Issued:  March 11, 2022

Rate changes are effective March 1, 2022, to include for select Innovations, TBI, and 1915(b)(3) services that are subject to EVV compliance.

  • Please ensure you are submitting claims to HHA at the rates below.
  • Please refer to the “Rate Management Job Aid” sent to you from HHA for instructions on how to update rates inside HHA.
  • Claims previously submitted with dates of service after March 1,2022, will need to be resubmitted to HHA.

The rate changes has been applied to the following procedure codes:

In addition to increasing the EVV required services, Partners will apply changes to the T2012 codes which allow some claims for Innovations Community Living and Supports to be excluded from the EVV requirement.

These exceptions are for those services provided by a relative living with the member (live-in caregiver) and when the service did not start and/or end in the members home (Community Only).

The rate changes have been applied to the following procedure codes:

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