Sept. 8, 2021 

AlphaMCS 2.20 Build  

The next AlphaMCS build is scheduled to occur this Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021.  The system will be unavailable from 5 p.m.-9 p.m.  Please make sure you are logged out of the AlphaMCS system prior to 5 p.m.

If you have questions or need to obtain an AlphaMCS login, please call Partners Information Technology Service Desk at 704-842-6431. 

County Realignment Update: Credentialing   

For providers impacted by the county realignment process, Partners is now accepting provider enrollment information from NCTracks for the purpose of enrolling and contracting with providers in lieu of Partners’ standard credentialing process.

At this time, providers impacted by the county realignment process are not required to be credentialed by Partners if they meet all of the following criteria 

  • are enrolled in NCTracks  
  • were credentialed with Cardinal Innovations Healthcare within the past 36 months. 
  • are currently contracted with Cardinal Innovations.   

Partners is actively working on enrolling impacted providers who have not already completed the credentialing process with us. If you have submitted an application but have not received a notification of approval, please know that your enrollment will be finalized, and a contract will be issued without delay. Partners will load provider sites, services, contact information and associated clinicians with no action required by providers. 

Please contact us at via email or by phone at 877-864-1454, option 4, option 1 if you have questions about the status of your enrollment and contract. 

County Realignment Update: State-funded Enrollment Submissions 

County Realignment Update: State-funded Enrollment SubmissionsOn September 1, 2021, Medicaid information for members in Cabarrus, Union and Stanly counties was automatically uploaded from Cardinal to Partners. However, State funding information was not automatically uploaded. If you provide State-funded services in these counties, you will need to submit an enrollment to Partners in AlphaMCS to activate the member’s State-funded benefit.  

County Realignment Update: State-funded Enrollment SubmissionsPartners will continue time-limited rate increases for Medicaid services listed in the  

Partners’ normal requirement for State-funded enrollment submissions is seven calendar days from the date of admission, or in the event of county realignment that affects members residing in Cabarrus, Stanly and Union Counties, seven calendar days from the member’s first scheduled appointment after September 1, 2021. 

Effective Oct. 1, 2021, all enrollments will need to be submitted per our normal policy of seven calendar days from the date of admission. 

For more information about State-funded enrollment for individuals in Cabarrus, Union and Stanly counties, please visit 

Time-Limited Rate Increases Extended  

Partners will continue time-limited rate increases for Medicaid services listed in the Temporary Medicaid Rate Schedule COVID-19 available at The temporary increases will continue through October 31, 2021. 

State-funded Single Stream Contracts 

As indicated at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2021-22, Partners established State-funded Single Stream contracts for the first quarter of the fiscal year. Partners has been notified of a substantial reduction in our Single Stream dollars this fiscal year.

Providers will be receiving contracts to extend Single Stream dollars through June 30, 2022. Providers should anticipate those adjustments prior to the end of the September. As always, Partners will monitor utilization, the implementation of Long-Term Community Supports and will make adjustments as needed. It is important that providers operate within their contracted amount as there is no guarantee of additional dollars. 

Please note:  Partners reviewed the residential services that are supported through Single Stream UCR dollars and provided stability in the contracts for the remainder of the fiscal year.  It is Partners’ expectation that providers prioritize your residential members in advance of any periodic services that you may be supporting with Single Stream dollars.     

YP790 Social Setting Detox 

In an effort to reduce provider administrative burden, Partners Utilization Management has updated the requirements for State-funded Social Setting Detox effective Sept. 3, 2021. A Service Order is recommended but not be required for YP790 Social Setting Detox.

Please direct questions to Partners’ Mental Health/Substance Use Utilization Management Workgroup, 704-842-6436.