Utilization Management Update:  Notification regarding Service Authorization Requests (SARS) and Pass-throughs

AlphaMCS is now allowing providers to bill for their pass-through period for certain services without a Notification SAR.  

Effective April 3, 2019, SACOT and SAIOP providers may choose to request a Notification SAR to cover their pass-through period or not. For all other services that have a pass-through, a Notification SAR is required. 

If you have any additional questions about Notification SARS, please contact the MHSU UM Workgroup at 704 842-6436.

Utilization Management Update:  Service Code “All Services” Tied to Definition Outpatient Individual Therapy Now Functioning Correctly

AlphaMCS is now allowing authorizations to be processed with outpatient codes associated with the service code “All Services”. All Services corresponds with the Outpatient Individual Therapy definition in AlphaMCS. You may begin requesting authorizations for service code “All Services” effective April 3, 2019.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Mental Health/Substance Use (MHSU) UM Workgroup at 704-842-6436.