Issued: February 22, 2024

What is happening?

Optum-Change Healthcare had a cyber incident late yesterday (Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024) that has affected health plans nationwide. Due to the large number of customers who utilize Optum-Change solutions, this incident is impacting almost every aspect of healthcare, including Medicaid.

Partners, along with other LME/MCOs and Standard Plans, met with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services officials to discuss the impact and next steps.

Who is affected?

Providers who use Change Healthcare as a clearinghouse to send claims are impacted by this incident. This includes any internal Partners projects where data is sent from Partners to Change Healthcare.

What actions is Partners taking?

  • Partners is temporarily terminating our SFTP connections with Change Healthcare until the incident is resolved.
  • Partners also is working on a plan to handle the 837’s and 835’s claims.

What do providers need to do?

Providers should temporarily stop using Change Healthcare as their clearinghouse until this incident is resolved.

Providers have the option to submit 837’s through the Transactional Upload Q. The Transaction Q module allows you to upload files, such as 837 files which contain the claims you want to submit to the MCO to process. In return, you will receive acknowledgement files in your Download Q. Instructions can be found in Alpha+ Portal University.

Each staff member will need their unique Alpha+ Provider Portal login. To obtain an Alpha+ login or to schedule Alpha+ Provider Portal online training, call the Partners’ Information Technology Service Desk at 704-842-6431.

Who can providers contact if they have questions?

If providers have questions, they can:

Providers may also call Provider Services at 1-877-398-4145 or email their account specialist at