Issued:  March 27, 2017

Ensure NPI Numbers/Medicaid Health Plans are Correct in NCTracks

Partners has had an increase in terminated Medicaid Health Plans. In Partners’ Provider Communication Bulletin #70 dated June 22, 2017, providers were directed to ensure their enrollment for each NPI number is active in NCTracks and under the Medicaid Benefit plan in NCTracks.

If the Medicaid Health Plan is terminated in NCTracks, it will be end dated in AlphaMCS using the same termination date that is listed in the NCTracks system.  This will result in claim denials and/or recoupments for dates outside the effective dates of the Medicaid Health Plan.  Providers need to verify and update information in NCTracks as needed via a Manage Change Request through NCTracks.

The Medicaid Health Plan applies to both the Agency and clinicians.

If you have questions, please email

Alpha System Update Scheduled for April 11, 2018

Mediware has been working over the past several months on moving the Alpha Portal system from Microsoft Silverlight to HTML5.  That process is now complete, and an update is scheduled to be rolled out on April 11, 2018.  Mediware has created several training webinars for providers to utilize to make the transition easier.  The trainings are posted in the Alpha Portal University.  If you currently utilize the Alpha portal, please start reviewing the trainings so that you will be ready when the new updates are implemented.

You can find the trainings by:

  • logging into the Alpha Portal, and from the menu click on “University”


When the link opens in your browser, you will see all the trainings/webinars at the bottom of the webpage under the title “AlphaMCS V2 Training Webinars”.  Please watch all webinars.

Partners will send out another alert prior to the April 11th transition date to remind you of the updates and downtime associated with the build.

If you have questions, please call Partners’ IT Service Desk at 704-842-6431.