Partners is implementing a new process for submitting NC Supports Needs Assessment Profiles (NC-SNAP) for providers that serve individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (i.e. B3, IPRS, ICF-IID; state developmental centers) that have not had a SIS. Historically, providers have submitted their NC-SNAPs to several staff persons at Partners based on region.

Effective December 1, 2016, providers should fax NC-SNAPs to the point persons at Partners listed below, and continue to upload NC-SNAPs into AlphaMCS.

All NC-SNAPs should be faxed to 704-884-2690; Attention:  Laura Reisinger and Roxann Revels

If you have questions you may contact Laura Reisinger or Roxann Revels using the contact information listed below:

Laura Reisinger

Fax:  704-884-2690

Office:  704-884-2645

Roxann Revels

Fax: 704-884-2690

Office:  704-884-2642