Issued:  July 13, 2018

As communicated in a Provider Alert dated August 24, 2017 and Provider Communication Bulletin #70, Partners is required to ensure that all provider information loaded in AlphaMCS matches the information loaded in NC Tracks for the purpose of claims processing.  This includes individual clinicians as well as provider agencies and hospitals.  If the information in NC Tracks has lapsed, expired, been terminated; or if the site/address information for an agency, a hospital, or for an individual clinician is not included in NC Tracks, then we are unable to load it in AlphaMCS.

Please note that the site/address where a clinician will be providing services must be listed in the “Name/Address” section of NC Tracks and not simply in the “Affiliation” section.  If a clinician works at multiple sites for the same provider or at multiple locations with multiple providers, all of those site addresses must be loaded in the “Name/Address” section of NC Tracks.

In situations where the information in NC Tracks does not match the request Partners receives from you, then you will receive an Enrollment Status letter from Partners’ Enrollment staff. We understand that, many times, providers may have already submitted a Managed Change Request (MCR) through NC Tracks to update the information with them.  Unfortunately, we are unable to update the information based on the MCR until we can verify the change inside NC Tracks.  Once your MCR has been processed with NC Tracks, you should receive a notification from them.  Partners does NOT receive that notification from NC Tracks, so providers should contact the enrollment group at as soon as you are notified that the update has been completed with NC Tracks.  At that point, Partners will verify the information and update AlphaMCS.

Please note that some license types expire/renew on June 30th each year as a matter of routine.  Those license types include LPC and LCSW.  We will not be able to update the license for those clinicians inside of AlphaMCS until those licenses are updated inside of NC Tracks.  Please notify us at as soon as the license update is complete and can be verified inside of NC Tracks.

If you have further questions regarding the content in this alert, please contact Natalie McBride at or call 828-323-8048.