The North Carolina Treatment Outcomes and Program Performance System, also known as NC-TOPPS, is a web-based system developed and maintained by the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services for gathering outcome and performance data on behalf of mental health and substance abuse consumers in North Carolina’s public system of services.

NC-TOPPS data is recorded through a face-to-face interaction (an interview) between a consumer and a Qualified Professional.  The objective is to enhance the clinical assessment process and provide information for the consumer’s treatment plan.

NC-TOPPS provides reliable information that is used to:

  • Measure the impact of treatment,
  • Improve service, and
  • Manage quality throughout the public-managed behavioral health service system.

Providers are responsible for entering data and completing NC-TOPPS submissions. Partners’ Quality Management Department monitors NC-TOPPS completion on a monthly basis.  Training and technical assistance are available for providers who fail to complete the required NC-TOPPS submissions.

All notices of changes from NC-TOPPS are emailed to the primary provider agency NC-TOPPS contact, also known as a Super User.

NC-TOPPS 101 & Superuser Training

Partners has developed a video to introduce the NC-TOPPS online system and outline the roles and responsibilities of the NC-TOPPS Superuser.

What should I do if a consumer has transferred to my provider agency from another agency?

If a consumer is transferring from one provider agency to another to continue services, the new Qualified Professional must contact the consumer’s Local Management Agency-Managed Care Organization (LME-MCO) and fax the “Authorization for Use, Disclosure, and Exchange of Protected Health Information for NC-TOPPS” form to 704-884-2724.

The form requires you to put in a time period of the data that you are requesting (data covers the time period of __________to___________). You must include the date range for the consumer’s most recent episode of care for the form to be valid. For example, if a consumer started receiving services from Provider A on 12/10/2010, you could fill in the date range as 12/10/2010 to present OR 2010 to present. This will allow the NC-TOPPS history that has been completed by Provider A to be transferred to you as the new provider. 

If you have a question about NC-TOPPS, please email

Updated: February 5, 2024