May 6, 2016

Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Tool (CANS) Scoring Tool Now Available

Partners would like to thank providers for making us aware of hyperlink issues on the CANS webpage. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced.

The CANS Scoring Tool for ages 0-6 is now accessible on the CANS Training webpage at

Please make sure to “refresh” the page to view the latest version by pressing F5 on your keyboard.

NC Innovations Amendment Waiver Delayed

Partners has been notified by the NC Department of Health and Human Services that the implementation date for the NC Innovations Waiver amendment changes and resource allocation has been extended to November 1, 2016. The date has been extended to allow additional time for Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) approval.  The extension will also allow time for additional training and preparation to ensure the successful of the NC Innovations Waiver amendment.

If you have questions regarding this change, please email