Care Coordination is an administrative function, not a service.  Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Care Coordination activities involve identifying a person’s needs, then coordinating and linking the individual to behavioral health services and supports. 

The goal of MHSU Care Coordination is to oversee the individual’s continuum of care.  Activities may include managing and stretching limited resources, as well as assuring the best care possible to achieve the individual’s service goals.

Care Coordination staff can also provide consultation to clinicians both within and outside of Partners’ Provider Network regarding alternatives and creative approaches to care.

How is MHSU Care Coordination Different from Case Management?

Care Coordination is not a service; however, there are individual contacts to assure connectivity to needed services and supports.  Care Coordination does not replace the role of the provider.

Enhanced Services that provide Case Management as part of the service are:

  • Intensive In-Home
  • Multi-systemic Therapy
  • Community Support Team
  • Assertive Community Support Team

Resources for Providers

Refer an individual to MHSU Care Coordination

Universal Residential Treatment Application

Mental Health and Substance Use Care Coordination Department Contact Information

For general MHSU care coordination questions and referrals, please email

Supervisor Primary Population Email Address Phone Number
 Shana Barus  Adult  828-323-8026
 Candice Boatwright  Child  704-772-4272
 Tammy Guess  Child  828-323-8092
 Adam Kurtzman  Adult  704-772-4299
 Tiffany Munday  Child  828-323-8040
 Cheryl Smith  Child  704-772-4281
 Autumn Turbyfill  Adult  828-323-8077

Additional Contacts

Lynne Grey Department Director  704-884-2442
Jeffrey Sanders Program Manager, Transitions to Community Living Initiative/Child  704-772-4281
Colleen Kinslow Program Manager, Adult/Child  828-323-8077