An incident is defined as any happening that is not consistent with the routine operation of a facility or service, or the routine care of a consumer that is likely to lead to adverse effects to the individual. Incidents are classified into three categories (Level I, Level II, and Level III) according to the severity of the incident.

Providers are required (as outlined in their contract with Partners) to develop and maintain a system to collect documentation on any incident that occurs in relation to a consumer. This includes all state reporting regulations in relation to the documentation and reporting of critical incidents.

Level II and Level III Incident Reporting

Providers must enter all Level II and Level III Incident Reports into the Incident Response and Reporting System (IRIS). In addition, providers must verbally notify Partners’ Quality Management staff at 704-884-2698 of all deaths and Level III Incidents within the appropriate timeframes.

Level I Incident Reporting

Partners Behavioral Health Management no longer requires submission of the Quarterly Provider Incident Report (effective July 1, 2016).  All providers should continue to track their Level I incidents internally and have those available for review when requested.  Partners will request DHHS waive this requirement for all of our network providers.  If your agency would like to not be included on this list, please contact your Provider Network Account Specialist.

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Additional information and instruction for the process of Incident Reporting may be found at the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ IRIS website at