Issued:  August 9, 2018

TODAY – DHHS Stakeholder Call: Upcoming Issuance of the Request for Proposal for Prepaid Health Plans in Medicaid Managed Care

On August 8, NC Tracks issued a message from Dave Richard, DHHS Deputy Secretary for Medical Assistance, inviting Medicaid Providers to join North Carolina DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen, M.D., for an important stakeholder call today, August 9, at 2 p.m., related to the Department’s upcoming issuance of the Request for Proposal for Prepaid Health Plans in Medicaid Managed Care.

Registration is required. To register for the call, please visit 

Assistance with NC Tracks

Partners is aware that providers are experiencing a number of issues as it relates to NC Tracks and updates in the NC Tracks system.  Partners is also aware of the burden that these issues are placing on the provider network.  Partners’ CEO is directly working with State leadership to help find solutions to these problems.

The MCOs, including Partners, are able to escalate issues that have been submitted through the Managed Change Request (MCR) process if a MCR has been in process for six weeks or more. To do so, the assigned account specialist can collect information from the provider and submit a request to expedite the MCR through NC Tracks.  You can contact the account specialist at or locate your assigned account specialist at  You should also make a complaint to NC Tracks at the email address below even if Partners is able to get the request expedited.

It is important to remember that DHHS will not accept the MCR unless all information is entered into the log (all boxes should be completed). If you need a copy of the MCR log for submission, please contact your account specialist. A screenshot of the log is pictured below.

If providers have complaints, they can direct those to the following contact, Stephen E. Tedder at