March 18, 2016

Department of Health and Human Services announces consolidated LME/MCO Service Regions

On March 17, 2016, NC Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard O. Brajer announced plans to consolidate the state’s eight Local Management Entities/Managed Care Organizations into four service regions. In this plan, the proposed Western Region aligns Partners Behavioral Health Management and Smoky Mountain Center, with the expectation to form a consolidated LME/MCO. No timelines have been set for consolidation.

What does this mean for providers? LME/MCO consolidation is expected to decrease the administrative burden on providers, which was a primary initiative of the Western Regional Partnership of Partners, Smoky Mountain, and CenterPoint Human Services. Together, we streamlined many processes that affect providers, such as monitoring, credentialing, and authorization protocols. Consolidation also offers the opportunity to expand innovative services into new areas of the state.

Partners values the strong relationship it has with the Provider Network. Without you, we are not able to fulfill our mission of improving lives and strengthen the communities we jointly serve. As more details are announced, we will share information with you through the Provider Communication Bulletin, Provider Alerts, and at