Each year, Partners conducts surveys and requests feedback from its provider network consumers and community stakeholders that relate to the needs of those we serve to develop the annual 2020-2021 Community Network Adequacy and Accessibility Analysis.This analysis is an important step to understand the needs and services available today, and assists in identifying areas where service development may be needed.

Each year, Partners develops its Network Development Plan using the information learned through Partners’ Community Behavioral Health Provider and Service Gap Analysis. The Plan is used to delineate priorities for Service and Program Development as identified in our Local Business Plan and the Annual Capacity Study. Partners’ departments and/or committees are incorporated into the plan, as well as accountability at the executive management level. Progress is monitored through regular reports to Partners’ Board of Directors and executive management.

If you have questions regarding the Community Network Adequacy and Accessibility Analysis or the Network Development Plan, please contact Lisa Jordan, Provider Network Performance Specialist, 704-884-2732, ljordan@partnersbhm.org.