March 30, 2020

Dear Partners Provider Network Member: 

First, thank you for all that you are doing to manage these challenging times to ensure continuity and availability of services for those who need us. We value and appreciate the PARTNERSHIP (pun intended) we have with you and to be side by side with you to navigate this pandemic together. We have long been committed to our close collaboration with our provider network and know that such a shared principle will allow us to successfully respond during this time; and are further committed to this principle guiding us long after this pandemic ends. 

As we discussed on Friday during the Partners Provider Council call, we are committed to working with you to continue to stabilize services during this crisis and to ensure survival of a high-quality network to meet the needs of our community when this event is over.  

Through several communications from DHHS over the last 10 days, you are aware of the collaboration between the LME/MCOs and DHHS to provide funding flexibility to meet critical needs during these unchartered times. In the Partners Communications Bulletin sent early last week, and as I shared on the call last Friday, Partners approach is to inspire creativity and teamwork while enhancing responsiveness during this time. As I shared then, we are purposefully not looking to be bureaucratic and overly regulatory during this process, but rather expressly looking to create the greatest shared flexibility and opportunity for rapid, individualized, response to the challenge. Within our Service Stability Program, we have shared with you a simple “Request for Exceptional Funding” form developed to help us work with you to quickly determine and align needs with available resources. We believe this process will allow true partnering through deliberate and transparent conversations so that we respond quickly to your individual circumstances. Our mutual goal is to work TOGETHER to overcome challenges and initiate innovative ways to meet the needs of our members. Internally, we have ensured that your account managers are in tune with the intention of the form, are equipped to provide unique guidance about specific information to include on the form and are available to answer any questions you may have about the process. Please reach out to them for any guidance or assistance you may need.  

Thank you again for the collaborative efforts to meet the needs of the members we share. This has been a foundational principle of our relationship since before this crisis and it remains our approach to meet this challenge. When the crisis is over, and business returns to normal, collaboration will continue to be our guiding philosophy. 


Rhett Melton
Chief Executive Officer